Transitional 就业 (Companies)

“I like knowing I’ve been picked to go on the job.  It makes me feel like I’m capable again”.

a 瓦萨奇的房子 member


Transitional 就业 is a highly structured 程序 for Clubhouse members returning to work in a local business or industry and is an important part of the 瓦萨奇的房子 程序.

Transitional 就业 is designed as a vocational rehabilitation 程序 where a member can gain or regain the skills and confidence necessary to have a job while employed in a “real world” position.  The only requirement for the member to participate in Transitional 就业 is the expressed desire to work.

Finding Transitional 就业 opportunities for members wanting to return to work is a priority for 瓦萨奇的房子 employees.

Please contact 瓦萨奇的房子 (801) 373-7440 for more information about Transitional 就业 placement possibilities at your business.


Information for Employers:

Placements are at the employers’ place of business and are part-time (generally 15 to 20 hours per week).  The member is paid directly by the employer.

Clubhouse staff provide both on-the-job training and off-site support to the member to help them to be successful on the job.  The employer will train Clubhouse staff member(s) to do the job and then the Clubhouse staff member will train the member themselves and will stay on the job with that member until they are comfortable working on their own.  The employer is not responsible for training the member.

Placements generally last from six to nine months.  Members may then work at another transitional placement or if they are ready, they can move on to independent employment.  The Clubhouse will appoint another member to take over the job placement and provide training to the new member.

通常, more than one member will be trained to do the job to ensure coverage of the placement if there is an absence for any reason.  The clubhouse staff may also cover the position when needed to ensure that the job is always taken care of.

Developing a Transitional 就业 placement means that there is permanent coverage for sometimes high-turnover positions.  When an employer gives a position to the Clubhouse, they will never have to worry about filling that spot again.

The employer does not need to provide any benefits for the position.  Most of our members already receive medical coverage.


瓦萨奇的房子 also helps members to obtain Supported 就业 and Permanent 就业 positions.  Call for more information about these employment 程序s.

(801) 373-7440